July 3-5th

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19/3/2020 - Covid-19's effects on HIBC2020

HIBC2020 is happening, but covid-19 might have an effect on the venue itself. During these unfortunate times of covid-19 spreading, HIBC2020 team is paying a close attention to the pandemic and its progress over the next 4 months. If necessary, HIBC2020 will be extended from 3 days to a longer event and hold different category and sub-category tastings separated from each other, in order to maintain "social distancing" amongst the judges. HIBC will keep all participants informed on any changes. Stay safe!

9/3/2020 - HIBC2020 is now open for submissions!

Helsinki International Beverage Competition 2020 is now accepting submissions to the competition. Main categories are: 1. Spirits 2. Wine 3. Beer & Cider

Welcome to


We welcome you to the Helsinki International Beverage Competition 2020. 

The competition is an excellent way to get to test your products against the rest of the world.

Were you big or a smaller artisan producer. We don't play any favorites, everyone gets an equal chance. Quality and passion does not mean you have to be big. We wanted to keep the entry fee as low as possible to create a mutual opportunity for producers of all sizes to enter and benchmark their creations against each other. 

The judges include buyers and importers from different countries and different sectors. Thus, the competition is an amazing possibility to showcase your product to the key group of people.







Who are the judges?

Helsinki International Beverage Competition utilises a diverse group of judges. The judges are Finnish and International specialists, bartenders, importers, buyers, consumers, and critics. The diversity in the judges gives us a possibility to receive a complete evaluation of the products from a variety of point of views.

Why is HIBC cheaper than the other competitions?

Helsinki International Beverage Competition is intentionally kept more affordable than most of the other beverage competitions. We wanted to create an unbiased, equal and accessible possibility to benchmark your products, for all beverage producers, artisans included.

Are there any additional fees?

No. The 85€ entry fee includes VAT, a place in the competition, and use of the relevant Medal pictures in their packaging, marketing materials etc., if the product recieves an award. HIBC will not be responsible for shipment, customs or any other expenses for the samples.

Can I visit / attend the competition in person?

Unfortunately no, at least not this year. The venue will already be quite crowded with all the staff, judges, and sponsors being present.

Does everyone get an award?


How are the results published?

The results will be published on the Helsinki Internationat Beverage Competition website on the 13th of July, 2020 at the latest. Winners of the competition will be contacted via email as well and they will be granted the Award graphics for future use and a certification of their success in the competition. Some of the winners can be published in the media outlets attending to the venue. Only the award winners will be announced.

Refunds and Customs charges?

The entry fees are not refundable. HIBC is not responsible for shipment, customs or any other expenses that might occur during sending the samples.

Can I pay via Bank Transfer?

Yes. Instead of using the Credit & Debit ENTER NOW -button, send us an email ( with the following information: Company name Contact details Registration / VAT number (if applicable) Names of the products, descriptions (e.g "red wine" or "berry liqueur"), and retail prices. You will receive a confirmation of your entry soon and an invoice for the entry fee(s),




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